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Maryland Land Surveyors

POINT TO POINT LAND SURVEYORS offers a highly skilled and professional Maryland land surveyor team. With nearly 40 employees in 2 offices we have the talent and versatility to provide you with professional land surveyor services. We continue the rich history of Maryland Land Surveying.


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Point to Point Maryland land surveyors provide the following services:



Our ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys are the most comprehensive type of land survey. Our Maryland land surveyors cover all aspects of a boundary survey and identification of any additional evidence of possession or use that could be adverse to the interests of our clients. Usually, our ALTA / ACSM Land Title Surveys are performed on commercial properties.


Our Topographic Surveys are graphic representations of physical features of the land. Our Maryland land surveyors perform topographic surveys by field ground methods or by aerial photographic methods.


Our Boundary Surveys are generally described by Metes and Bounds and may require extensive research. A Boundary Survey usually requires a good amount of fieldwork on neighboring lands to verify or find existing monumentation. Our Maryland land surveyors provide an accurate boundary survey, which is a vital first step for any property acquisition or development.


Accurate Construction layout / Construction Staking is essential when performing any type of construction work. Our Maryland land surveyors are prepared to make sure you get the timely response you need. Point to Point Maryland land surveyors are an essential part of design/build community that includes engineers, architects, grading contractors and utility contractors.


Subdivision Platting / Final Plats for homes may sound straight forward, but in practice it is an involved process that requires experience and the ability to communicate effectively. Whether for a single lot cut-out or a multi-lot subdivision, our plats are prepared to meet or exceed the standards set forth by county or city review agencies.


When performing surveys for telecommunication sites, time is of the essence. When it comes to telecommunication tower surveys, our Maryland land surveyors are prepared to deliver accurate Cell Tower Surveys.


If you need an As-Built Survey, we can help you find exactly how your entire site or any portion thereof was constructed. Many review agencies are requiring an As-Built survey to verify accurately how close to the construction plans your site was built.


When it comes to Maryland land surveying, our Maryland land surveyors will provide the most comprehensive type of land survey that fits your budget. Point to Point Maryland land surveyors have the talent and versatility to provide you with excellent service and accurate results.


POINT TO POINT LAND SURVEYORS are members of the Maryland Society of Surveyors and we serve all of Maryland from our Mount Airy, Maryland Land Surveying office including the Maryland Counties listed here.