Month: January 2010

Virgil Shugars Party Chief

Point to Point Land Surveyors, Inc. is happy to announce that Virgil Shugars has been hired as a Survey Party Chief in our Mount Airy, Maryland office. Virgil is a respected surveyor with 25 years plus experience in all aspects of surveying such as highway and roadway staking, residential and commercial construction staking, telecommunication surveys

Cell Tower Surveys in the Eastern United States

Point To Point Land Surveyors is happy to announce that with the addition of new associates to our staff we are expanding our Cell Tower Survey coverage throughout the eastern United States. With these additions we can better serve our existing client base when it comes to telecommunication surveys and hopefully attract new clients. Rest

Tennessee Professional Land Surveyor

Charles Lee Iner passed the Tennessee Land Surveyors Board exam and now is licensed to practice Land Surveying in the Tennessee. Mr. Iner is also licensed in Georgia and Alabama. This allows Point To Point Land Surveyors the opportunity to expand the area that they cover for their clients.

Understanding Survey Measurement Terms

Have you ever tried to read an old survey or map without success? Terms like 'rod' or 'township' were once commonplace, and indeed are still in use in specific applications, but most people have no idea what they mean. How can you visualize a property without having a basic understanding of these distances and measurements?

Did you know that George Washington was a Land Surveyor?

Did you know that George Washington was a land surveyor? Young George Washington learned the art of surveying from his brother Lawrence and from established regional surveyors. By 1746, barely into his teens, he began running lines for farms near his home. His first known survey, of the Ferry Farm, is dated 1747, and amazingly,