Author: Kemble Hilldreth

How To Handle Boundary Line Disputes

Boundary line disputes often arise when a property owner decides to build a fence around their property and a neighbor objects. The deed to the property will show the accurate boundary lines and that typically is enough to satisfy any boundary line disputes. But what happens if the property has been in a family for

RTK GPS Survey Equipment – Using Technology in Surveying

RTK GPS survey equipment is the latest technology available in surveying. This equipment uses a real-time kinematic (RTK) global positioning system (GPS) to locate measurements and important points with less effort and more accuracy. RTK GPS survey equipment, like the Leica Viva pictured to the left, is similar to total station radial equipment, but does

How To Order A Land Survey

Ordering a land survey is typically something that is done when someone needs to verify the boundaries of a particular property. This can be when a property owner wishes to build a fence along property lines or when someone wants to sell or buy a property and the exact boundaries are needed for the transaction.

We’re Hiring! Immediate Opening for a Field Party Chief

Point to Point Land Surveyors, Inc. is hiring! We have an immediate opening in our land surveying department for an experienced field party chief.   Please email resume to or fax to 678-565-4497. Come join the Point to Point team for an exciting career in the field of land surveying!   THIS POSITION HAS

Point to Point Land Surveyors, Inc. is now offering Digital Terrain Modeling (DTM)!

Point to Point Land Surveyors, Inc. is now able to offer our clients DTM SURFACE CALCULATIONS AND FILE WORK.   Any project involving construction requires a current and accurate project surface map (DTM). Common applications include:   Volumetric computations Construction planning and execution GIS applications including layout and machine control   Digital Terrain Modeling (DTM)

Land Surveying Techniques

Land surveys are used to determine land boundaries for a variety of reasons, including the selling or buying a property, putting up a fence or larger scale projects such as building roads and highways. While there are many different land surveying techniques, there are five fundamental ones that are used the most often. These five

What do land surveyors have to do with cell tower height verifications?

There are all kinds of land surveys, and anything being constructed, from buildings to cell towers, generally requires a land survey.  Yet, in addition to the land surveying required to build a cell tower, land surveyors play a key role in the verification of cell tower heights.   It is important that this service be