New Article on Georgia History

“The first land surveyors to chart Georgia were actually Spanish seafaring explorers. The first surveys completed on the land that is present-day Georgia were geodetic surveys that charted the coast.  French Jesuits would later move farther inland, charting the geography they came across as they went.” Read more at History of Georgia Land Surveying.

National Society of Professional Surveyors

As a member of the National Society of Professional Surveyors I came across the following items from their web site.   Surveyor's Creed and Canons As a Professional Surveyor I dedicate my professional knowledge and skills to the advancement and betterment of human welfare. I pledge: To give the utmost of performance; To participate in

Kia Plant Construction Staking

With the construction staking in full swing at the KIA Manufacturing Plant in West Point, Georgia our field crews are busy keeping our clients satisfied. Over 700 acres of the site is a graded pad soon to be developed. We have been contracted through several firms on-site to provide construction staking, as-builts, and topographic surveys.