When do I need to have a land survey?

You should have a survey done under any of the following circumstances:

  • Prior to purchasing land, to make sure of what you are buying, and for insurance purposes.
  • Prior to installing a fence, building a house, or performing other types of construction including commercial construction staking.
  • Prior to dividing a piece of land into smaller parcels.
  • When you sell a parcel of land not previously surveyed.
  • To verify the amount of land assessed for taxes.
  • When you think a neighbor may have encroached on your property.

Why should I survey my land?

Although a land survey may seem tedious and unnecessary, there are many cases in which a land survey can save you confusion or legal troubles later. Even if a prior survey is on file, any two surveys will nearly always have slight differences because land surveying is as much an art as a science, and because measurements are always subject to error. A skilled surveyor will keep such errors to a minimum but will allow for discrepancies between surveys, giving you a better overall understanding of your land. A land surveyor will research any documents available about your land, including titles and previous surveys. He/she will then physically measure the property, checking these dimensions against the previous records to find any discrepancies. Read More about reasons to survey your land.

How much should a survey cost?

The cost of a survey depends on many factors, including:

While these variables will cause survey costs to vary, Point to Point Land Surveyors, Inc. can furnish an estimate before beginning the project based upon prior experience. A well-prepared land survey will be the least expensive part of your total land investment cost.

Why should I choose a professional land surveyor?

A professional land surveyor renders a highly technical service in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, codes and court decisions set forth by local, county, state and federal authorities. This includes stringent educational requirements. Because of the special skills and complexities involved in surveying land, statutes limit this practice only to those surveyors duly licensed by State Boards of Registration. Additionally, order to protect the public from inferior land surveying, most states have established a set of Minimum Standards for Property Boundary Surveys describing recommended procedures for a survey and information to be provided to the client.

How do you perform a property survey?

Point To Point Land Surveyors prides itself on performing exceedingly thorough surveys. Depending on survey needs, our efforts include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Finding existing neighborhood and surrounding area marker points.
  • Researching courthouse records and other existing boundary records.
  • Computer research using Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and software.

Point To Point Land Surveyors utilizes the latest technology and land surveying equipment to ensure the highest accuracy and efficiency in our surveys. Read more about Evidence And Procedures For Land Surveys.

How do land surveyors establish boundary lines?

Despite conventional belief, establishing boundary lines on a piece of land is not as simple as getting out a tape measure. Land surveyors use a combination of research, science and art to determine the true boundaries of any given property. Only licensed and regulated land surveyors have the required skills to do this.

Where can I learn more about land surveying?

For more information about land surveying, check out our Land Surveying Articles or give us a call or email.