For accurate and affordable land surveying in Alabama, look no further than Point to Point Land Surveyors. Our team of experts has many years of land surveying experience in Alabama, providing accurate results that ensure compliance with local and state regulations. Whether you need a boundary survey, an ALTA land title survey, subdivision platting, FEMA flood elevation certification or any other type of survey, we have the skills and proven experience to get the job done right the first time.

A Brief History Of Alabama Land Surveying

The land now known as the State of Alabama played a huge role in the early surveys of the New World dating back to colonial times, having been at one time or another been associated with the British Province of Carolina, the British Province of West Florida, the Spanish colony of Florida and the US Mississippi Territory. The 31st Parallel has been surveyed numerous times as the southern border of Alabama (not including the Gulf Coast), first as the southern border of the Carolina Colony established by King Charles II, then as the border between the new United States and the Spanish territory of Florida as commissioned by George Washington and surveyed by Major Andrew Ellicott from 1798-1800. (The Ellicott Stone remains today as a monument of that survey). The 31st Parallel today serves as the border between the states of Alabama and Florida.

Alabama Land Surveying Today

Today, land surveyors continue to play an important role in Alabama’s development. Because of the long history of land surveying in Alabama, many surveys conducted today are known as “retracement” surveys, in which a modern surveyor retraces previous surveys to determine the pre-established boundaries of a plot of land. Land surveyors in Alabama must follow strict requirements, in part to prevent such land disputes that required so many surveys in Alabama’s past. All surveyors must certify that their maps, plats, and drawings are completed in accordance with the current Standards of Practice for Surveying in the State of Alabama.

Types Of Surveys Offered

Point to Point can provide a wide range of land surveys in Alabama. Whether you are preparing to purchase a piece of property in Alabama or planning to develop a piece of commercial property, you need a licensed Alabama land surveyor who can provide accurate results, on time and within budget. For more information on how we can assist with your Alabama land surveying needs, call us today at (866) 706-9114, or contact us here.