Point to Point Land Surveyors provides a wide variety of land surveying services throughout the state of Georgia. Combining extensive experience with a solid working knowledge of state and local regulations, our team of Georgia land surveyors is dedicated to providing quality, accurate surveys for our clients, on time and within budget.

A Brief History Of Georgia Land Surveying

Surveying has played a large role in Georgia since long before its statehood. Georgia’s land surveyors have been instrumental in shaping the state, from power shifts before the Revolutionary War to policies regarding land distribution in the early nineteenth century, to rebuilding the state in the aftermath of the Civil War. The first land surveys in the region were conducted by Spanish explorers who charted the coastline, followed by French Jesuits who surveyed the lands further inland. One of the first British settlers, Dr. Henry Woodard is credited with mapping and exploring much of present-day Georgia. Later surveying efforts were related to land distribution following the Revolutionary War, followed by rebuilding infrastructure that had been destroyed during the Civil War. During the depression of the 1930s, thousands of unemployed land surveyors were put to work surveying the entire state. As a result, Georgia was the first state in the country to have a complete survey of all boundaries and land, with complete measurements and monuments.

Land Surveying In Georgia Today

While modern surveying methods have far surpassed earlier methods in terms of accuracy, much of land surveying in Georgia today is about verifying existing boundaries. Since 1937, all professional land surveyors within the state of Georgia have been governed by the Georgia State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors, which sets standards for licensure and practice of land surveying in the state.

Types Of Surveys Offered

As a professional surveying company duly licensed in the State of Georgia, Point to Point offers many different types of land surveys in this state. With our many years of combined experience in professional land surveying, Point to Point has the knowledge, resources and expertise to meet your surveying needs on time, within budget and in compliance with Georgia’s strict surveying regulations. For more information, call us today at (866) 706-9114, or contact us here.