With many years of combined experience, Point to Point Land Surveyors offers reliable, accurate and affordable surveying services throughout the great State of Tennessee. Our Tennessee land surveyors are well-versed in state and local surveying standards and regulations, and we pride ourselves on quality, accuracy, and stellar service for every client. Whether you need subdivision platting for a new development or a commercial boundary survey for a pending purchase of land, we have the expertise to get the job done correctly, on time and within budget.

A Brief History Of Tennessee Land Surveying

During the early days of European colonization, the land now known as Tennessee was first explored by the Spanish, then by the French, and for many years was effectively the western frontier of the thirteen colonies (a number of counties in Eastern and Middle Tennessee were considered part of North Carolina for a time). Early surveys of the region were performed by the traditional metes-and-bounds surveying method, identifying borders by physical landmarks. In 1806, the Tennessee Assembly attempted to implement a survey system similar to the new Public Land Surveying System being used by other territories at the time, and even subdivided the state Districts into five- and six-mile square tracts of land. However, the system was never fully implemented, and individual tracts of land continued to be surveyed using the metes-and-bounds system for many years after. Quite a few of these old documents have survived to this day, and remain on file with the state.

Land Surveying In Tennessee Today

While Tennessee land surveyors today utilize technology that allows for much greater accuracy than the surveying methods of old, they still refer to historical records where they exist. Much of the surveying today involves verifying and correcting boundaries, as well as subdividing or consolidating parcels of land as needed. Examinations and licensing of surveyors in the state are overseen today by the Tennessee Board of Examiners for Land Surveyors. Our team of surveyors is duly licensed by this board to conduct surveys throughout the state.

Types Of Surveys Offered

Point to Point Land Surveyors offers a full range of commercial surveys for our Tennessee clients. Regardless of the type of survey you need, our Tennessee land surveyors have the experience and expertise needed to perform these surveys to meet or exceed state and local standards. For a free quote, contact Point to Point Land Surveyors at (866) 706-9114, or contact us here.