Commercial As-Built Surveys

As Built Survey

During the course of a commercial construction project, the builder or local zoning authorities may request one or more as-built surveys to ensure the work is being completed according to plan. Point to Point Land Surveyors, Inc. has many years of experience performing detailed, accurate as-built surveys that comply with local and state surveying standards.

What Is An As-Built Survey?

It’s best to think of an as-built survey as its name suggests: surveying a project “as it is built.” Commonly performed on commercial and residential properties, an as-built survey shows the status of improvements to a piece of land as they appear at a particular point in time. Construction projects typically rely heavily on as-built surveys from the planning stage through the completion of the project. A construction project begins with a site plan or plot plan, laying out the plan for the project from beginning to end. Once construction begins, as-built surveys may be conducted several times throughout the duration, and again upon completion, to ensure the building meets the specifications of the site plan. The frequency and the number of surveys conducted depends on the scope of the construction project. Because these surveys are depicting the status of a structure rather than measuring property lines, as-built surveys are often presented as three-dimensional renderings rather than as flat maps.

When Are As-Built Surveys Needed?

One of the primary purposes of an as-built survey is to verify to local and state boards that the authorized construction work is being (or has been) completed according to the same specifications set during the planning stage. The as-built survey also shows the building inspector that a project under construction is in compliance with zoning regulations. However, regulatory requirements aside, these surveys are extremely useful to the contractors themselves to help them evaluate their progress against the original plans and to make adjustments as needed. They also help measure what has been completed to date so contractors can stay on their completion timeline. As-built surveys can even be used for accounting purposes to show what parts of a project have been completed so the workers or subcontractors can be paid.

Because there are so many details involved with commercial construction projects, as-built surveys should only be performed by a licensed, experienced professional to ensure the highest level of accuracy. Point to Point Land Surveyors, Inc. has the expertise and skill you can rely on to ensure these important surveys are conducted correctly. To learn more, contact us today.