Tower As-Built Surveys

The construction of a cellular tower is a complex process requiring numerous surveys to ensure the construction is in compliance with local, state and even federal requirements. During the actual construction of the tower, several cell tower as-built surveys will likely be conducted to verify that the tower is being constructed according to plan and in compliance with zoning regulations.

What Is An As-Built Survey?

An as-built survey is designed to show the status of land improvements at a given moment in time—a snapshot of the construction process, as it were. Like the name suggests, it’s intended to document the progress of a structure as it’s being built, to verify to the builders and local authorities that the structure is being constructed in the right place and according to specifications. As-built surveys are common with both residential and commercial building projects as a way to confirm progress and avert mistakes. In the case of cell towers, as-built surveys are of the utmost importance as these structures must comply not only with city/state zoning regulations and the terms of the land lease, but also with FAA regulations.

Given the height and technical nature of these towers, there is no room for inaccuracy in the construction process, and by the same token, cell tower as-built surveys must convey the same high standards of accuracy. Point to Point Land Surveyors, Inc. has many years of proven experience with as-built surveys for the telecommunication industry, and our experts are well versed in the governing regulations with these surveys. To learn more and obtain a quote, contact us today.