Commercial Boundary Surveys

When considering a piece of commercial property for purchase and/or development, you’ll need to have a commercial boundary survey performed on the land. Point to Point Land Surveyors, Inc. has many years of experience in providing excellent service and guaranteed accuracy with commercial boundary surveys.

Understanding Commercial Boundary Surveys

The most basic and most common type of survey, a boundary survey is used for measuring, marking and verifying the boundary lines of a given piece of property. More than just measuring physical boundaries, this process involves intensive research of prior records (including title certificates, deeds and earlier surveys), as well as the use of physical and GPS technologies, to ensure that the stated boundary lines match the true boundaries of the property. Once the research is complete, the surveyor will perform physical measurements on the property itself, setting markers and stakes as necessary to ensure the boundary lines are clear. After the survey is complete, the surveyor will usually walk the property with you to identify the boundaries and point out any discrepancies or points of encroachment.

Why Are Boundary Surveys Necessary?

While most land has already been surveyed at one time or another, the boundary lines can become confused over time, owing to anything from physical changes in topography to subdivisions of the land, and even neighbors who encroach on the borders. If not identified and corrected before the purchase is made, these inaccuracies can negatively affect your right to the title if it is ever challenged. This is why it’s important to have a new boundary survey performed as opposed to relying on previous surveys, especially where commercial property is concerned, which is why most lenders and title companies will require a survey before the sale closes.

When Is A Commercial Boundary Survey Needed?

Besides conducting a boundary survey prior to any commercial land purchase, there are times when you may also want to perform a survey on property you already own. For example:

  • If existing survey records are old or out of date (older surveys may not reflect zoning changes)
  • If you are planning additional development on the property and need clarity on the boundaries
  • If there is a dispute with any of your neighbors as to where the property lines are
  • If there is any confusion about easements on the land<?/li>
  • To resolve any other doubts about the boundaries at any time

If you need a commercial boundary survey performed for any reason, Point to Point Land Surveyors, Inc. has the skills and a reputation for excellence in providing surveys that are timely, accurate and affordable. To discuss your needs and obtain a quote, contact us here or call us at 866.706.9114.