FAA 1A and 2C Certification

Under the rules of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), cellular tower location and elevation information must be certified with a certain degree of accuracy. Point to Point Land Surveyors, Inc. has many years of proven experience in the telecommunication survey space, and our experts can provide FAA 1A and 2C certification for your cell tower construction to comply with agency regulations.

About FAA Certification

Due to the height of cellular towers (and other broadcasting towers, for that matter), it’s critical that the elevation and location of these towers be reported as accurately as possible for the safety of aircraft flying overhead. The FAA has developed a set of standards to help regulate the margin of error in these surveys so that the location and height of these towers is reported accurately. To satisfy requirements, a licensed land surveyor inspects the tower and conduct measurements to verify its location and elevation. The surveyor then provides an FAA 1A or 2C Certification Letter to be submitted to the FAA.

When Is FAA Certification Needed?

If a cellular tower extends to a total height of 200 feet or higher, the FAA requires one of the following certifications, depending on the tower’s location and other factors:

  • 1A Certification – tolerance within 20 feet vertically and 3 feet horizontally
  • 2C Certification – tolerance within 50 feet vertically and 20 feet horizontally

For more information about obtaining FAA 1A or 2C Certification for your telecommunication tower project, call the experts at Point to Point Land Surveyors, Inc. today at (866) 706-9114, or contact us here.