Lease Area Expansions

If your telecommunication company needs to lease additional land from a property owner for the expansion of a cellular tower, Point to Point Land Surveyors, Inc. provides accurate and affordable lease area expansion surveys to facilitate the process. Our team of experts is highly trained and knowledgeable of local, state and federal regulations with regard to cell towers and lease area expansions, and our commitment to stellar customer service means you can expect us to meet and exceed your expectations.

When Is A Lease Area Expansion Survey Needed?

Telecommunications companies may request lease area expansions for any of a number of reasons—for example, if the existing tower needs to be expanded or replaced with a larger tower, or if another provider plans to co-locate on the tower and needs additional space on the ground to facilitate the process. The company may also request additional leased space for simple reasons of convenience, to make it easier for them to access the land and perform maintenance, etc. In any of these cases, a lease area expansion survey is required as part of the new or modified lease.

What Is Involved With A Lease Area Expansion Survey?

In similar manner to the land surveys associated with cell tower construction, a licensed surveyor will inspect and measure the boundaries and features of the area included in the requested lease expansion, and will mark these boundaries with physical markers. The finished survey should include the dimensions and details of the expanded lease area as compared to the current leased area.

Because of the complex nature of cellular tower construction and their associated lease agreements, it’s critical that lease area expansions be surveyed to the highest possible standards of accuracy. With many years of experience in telecommunications surveys, Point to Point can provide these accurate details on time and within budget. To learn more or obtain a quote, contact us today.