Raw Land Tower Site Surveys

Rawland survey 2

When a cell phone tower is to be built upon vacant land, a raw land tower site survey will be required in combination with several other survey types. Point to Point Land Surveyors, Inc. are specialists in a full array of telecommunication surveys, including raw land tower site surveys. Our team of experts is qualified and skilled to deliver accurate, reliable surveys that meet local, state and FAA regulations for cellular tower construction.

Why Is This Survey Needed?

While a boundary survey is primarily concerned with marking the boundaries and corners of a piece of property, a raw land tower site survey is concerned with the land itself. This is particularly important on vacant land where perhaps no utilities have yet been run. After research and physical inspection, a licensed surveyor will provide detailed information about the land on which the cell tower is to be constructed, including elevations, topographic features, and pertinent information as to proposed access to utilities and easements. For cell tower construction, this survey is typically combined with a boundary survey and an FAA 1A or 2C Certification, providing the company, builder, property owner, lenders and government agencies all the pertinent information needed for proper placement and construction of the tower.

At Point to Point Land Surveyors, Inc., we have many years of proven experience with raw land tower surveys, along with a whole array of other services for the telecommunications industries. To learn more or obtain a quote, contact us today.