National Surveyors Week

March 21-27, 2010 is designated by the National Society of Professional Surveyors as National Surveyors Week. It is a time for all Professional Land Surveyors to spend educating the public about the Land Surveying profession. As Professional Land Surveyors we are following in the footsteps of some of the most prominent surveyors in American history.  Presidents Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln all began their careers as land surveyors, which is why surveyors of today claim Mt. Rushmore as a monument to “three surveyors and another guy.”  Surveyors have figured prominently in the development of this country from its inception down to the present day, from Banneker, Ellicott, Lewis, and Clark to Dave Doyle.  Modern day surveyors are integral to the planning, development and construction of projects which are not simply subdivisions or housing projects, but which are designed to be and truly become real communities all across this great country.  We are also helping to build and rebuild energy distribution systems and the nation’s infrastructure.