How To Handle Boundary Line Disputes

Boundary line disputes often arise when a property owner decides to build a fence around their property and a neighbor objects. The deed to the property will show the accurate boundary lines and that typically is enough to satisfy any boundary line disputes. But what happens if the property has been in a family for many years or for some reason there isn’t proper paperwork filed? This means a new and updated survey will have to be done. In some cases, neighbors can decide to agree upon the boundaries themselves and save the time and money involved in getting a survey done.


If the neighbors cannot agree on where the property boundary line is located, there are two options. One is to agree upon a surveyor to conduct an official survey and agree to abide by the findings. The other is to go to court and ask a judge to order a proper survey done on the property and render a decision. Going to court is definitely more expensive than having a mutual survey done, due to the court costs and time involved. Not to mention the damage done to the relationship if an amicable agreement cannot be reached.


Boundary line disputes do not have to be a hassle, especially if all neighbors can come to an agreement on their own without outside intervention. When this happens, the property owners agree upon a landmark that sets the boundaries, such as a tree line or an existing fence. This agreement is then filed as a quitclaim deed and is now the new property boundary line. This is the best way to go about avoiding any boundary dispute and spending money on settling the problem, especially in the interest of preserving a neighborly relationship along the way.


Many times these types of disputes, caused by the building of a fence or a structure along the property line, are difficult situations and can seriously harm one’s relationship with a neighbor. Sometimes it is a true violation of the boundary line, other times one neighbor might simply be attempting to take advantage of the situation. This is why a proper survey of the property’s boundaries should be done. These days, all real estate deals include an updated survey of the property being bought or sold. If a property does not have an updated survey, it is a good idea to get one.