Point to Point Land Surveyors, Inc. – Celebrating 9 Years!

On March 3, 2004, Charles Iner sat behind his desk in a little office off Eagles’ Landing Pkwy for the first time…and so it began.

9 years later, Point to Point Land Surveyors, Inc. has gone from a small office made up of Charles, two field crew members, and a part-time admin covering the state of Georgia to a two office, 25 team member, land surveying firm serving states throughout the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic region. And we are just getting started!

So to all the members of our amazing P2P team…CONGRATULATIONS! Each and every one of you, working together, is what makes Point to Point such a special place!

To all our valued clients…THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Without you, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to do what we LOVE doing!