Residential Land Surveys – Why You Need Residential Land Surveys

Quality Residential Surveys

Are you considering putting in a fence? Maybe you just want to know where a particular property line lies. Going with the cheapest land surveyor can be risky. Point to Point Land Surveyors, Inc. offers property line staking services on 1/4 acre to 1 acre lots starting at $600.


Of course, there are time when you need more than just a property line staking and there is a long list of reasons why you should always keep residential land surveys in mind. One of the primary occasions a residential land survey is recommended is when you are buying or selling a home. Even if you are the seller, you should still get your own survey done to see if there could be any boundary problems when the home goes to closing. It is always good to find these things out in advance and alert your realtor so they can be ready when closing time comes around. A buyer needs a survey to make sure that everything about the property is legal. Problems with boundary lines or other title issues can delay the closing date if they are not detected and worked out quickly.


Another instance when you should acquire a residential survey is when adding a swimming pool to a property. Whether it is an above ground or an in-ground pool, there is a lot of money and effort that goes into installing a pool. Every municipality has laws regarding the placement of pools in relation to boundary lines. Many places also require you to have a fence around your pool as an added safety measure. Residential land surveys will show you exactly where your pool can go and how large of a pool can be legally installed. You certainly do not want to get started on a pool installation project only to have the city or your neighbor shut you down because you are violating property boundaries and local zoning laws. You should get the survey first to make sure that your project is legal.


One of the amenities that people like to install on their properties is a privacy fence. This allows people to have gatherings in their backyards, or just enjoy their yards, without any interference from the outside world. Residential land surveys should be an essential part of any fence installation project. A fence that is not installed along the actual property line can create lawsuits and extra costs for you. When you invest in a land survey prior to installing your fence, you are actually saving money and making sure that your fence gets installed properly the first time.


If you are considering buying a house in a known flood zone, then residential land surveys can get you a FEMA elevation certificate that will prevent you from having to get flood insurance. Every homeowner should understand the many benefits of using a certified land surveyor on their property.