ALTA Land Survey – Getting Your Land Survey Done Right

ALTA Land Title Survey

One of the most important aspects of getting an accurate land survey is finding a survey company that understands all of the laws and regulations that go with doing comprehensive and accurate surveys. If you are getting ready to buy or sell a property, or if you are getting ready to build on a property, then you need to find a company that can do a proper ALTA land survey. You can have any other kind of survey done that you want, but this is one of the surveys that will help you to avoid any border disputes and make sure that you are able to invest in a property or move forward with a project with the utmost in confidence.


An ALTA land survey stand for an American Land Title Association certified survey. Prior to the adoption of the ALTA standard, land surveying results could vary from municipality to municipality. The information a contractor received from a local land surveyor in a particular area could be different than a land survey done just a few years earlier or a survey done by a different company. The ALTA survey sets a standard set of guidelines that all land surveying companies are expected to follow to establish boundary lines and gather useful survey information. The purpose of these guidelines is to make certain that survey results are the same over the years and from company to company.


The most common application for an ALTA land survey is to commercial properties just prior to any property sale. Commercial properties and the boundaries established by local cities and towns tended to change frequently. This kind of land survey will allow a prospective buyer and the title company to see if there have been any improvements to the property and if any easements have been filed that can change the property lines. A reputable land surveying firm will begin with the actual title commitment and then prepare survey results based on that current title commitment document.


A proper ALTA land survey is an interactive process where the land surveyor works with the current owner, the prospective buyer and the title company to develop an accurate document for the title records. It is something that only an experienced survey firm should be doing and it is something that only a certified land surveyor should be in charge of. When you choose a land surveyor for your next commercial project, be sure that company has plenty of ALTA land survey experience.