The Modern Day Land Surveyor – Land Surveying Trends and Technology

Land Surveying in the Modern Age


In the modern world of land surveying, things are always changing. From continuing education requirements to new, complex technologies, a land surveyor must stay current in order to compete in this evolving industry. The way various land surveys are performed today verses just 20 to 30 years ago has changed significantly.


Continuing education is not just something that is advisable for the modern day land surveyor, it’s absolutely mandatory. In some states, professional land surveyors may take their pick from an array of courses which allow them to focus on areas they believe to be most relevant to them as a land surveyor and their land surveying business, while other states have detailed, outlined course lists which must be taken. Just as the courses will vary, so will the hour requirements. Some states require the registered licensed surveyor to take only a few credit hours of continuing education, others can require up to 20 or more credit hours. Some hours are transferable to multiple states, while some hours are state specific.


Technology is a huge part of the advances occurring in modern land surveying. Advances in land surveying technology often becomes a primary focus in continuing education. One simple real-world example of this would be GPS technology, which is something that those who have been working in the land surveying industry for 20 to 30 years didn’t have to deal with during their early years in land surveying. GPS technology, while having the ability to make land surveying exponentially easier, poses certain challenges and problems. Understanding how GPS technology should, and, equally important, should not be used is becoming more and more necessary. In addition to GPS technology, the advent of robotic total stations, drones, laser scanning and other new technologies are changing the landscape of modern land surveying.


The advancements in modern technology and improved methodologies make continual education for land surveyors necessary in this modern, ever-changing age.