When Do I Need A Land Survey?

There are many instances when a person may need a land survey performed on their property. This applies for both commercial and residential property owners. Professional land surveyors have the expertise necessary to perform certain services that might be required for your survey. Things like the location of flood zones existing on the property, property line setback requirements for new buildings, tree locations when city or county requirements necessitate that service, and the resolution of where property lines lie.

Land Survey in Atlanta, GA

If you own land, there is a good chance that you may find yourself in need of a land survey. Some common situations when a land survey is recommended and/or required included:


Purchasing Land – If you are about to purchase land, for any reason, it’s a great idea to have the land surveyed before you finalize the purchase. A land survey in this instance will allow you two things: 1) Clarity on where property lines lie and 2) Verification of the property’s acreage. In certain cases, the cost of the survey will be covered by the seller.


Selling Land – As a seller, having the property you are wishing to sell surveyed gives prospective buyers a great deal more information about the land property. Having a professional land surveyor perform the land survey before selling property provides buyers with a higher level of confidence.


Dividing Land – If you own a large plot of land and are wanting to divide it into smaller parcels / lots, a survey will be needed to make sure your land subdivide is done in accordance with local zoning laws and regulations.


Making Improvements or New Construction – In many areas, county and/or city laws will require a land survey to be performed before you can add improvements (like additional structures) to a property or undertake any large building project. If you are planning to have a garage addition or building a new structure, finding out if your area requires a land survey first is always recommended.


Property Conflict Resolution – When it comes to neighbors, property lines can be a touchy subject and conflicts can arise over where a property line actually lies. By having a land survey performed, by a registered licensed surveyor, you will know where those lines actually lie. That way you know with confidence where your property ends and your neighbor’s property begins, thereby helping you to settle these conflicts in accordance with local laws.


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