Combination Plats: What is a Combination Plat?

A combination plat is a type of plat that combines two or more recorded lots. A simple example would be when a registered land surveyor takes two existing parcels of land and combines them into one single land parcel. The combination plat shows what has been combined for recording purposes.
Combination Plats
One instance where a combination plat might be needed is when a land developer is planning to develop a large area of land for an outlet mall or housing development. Developments of this type can be made up of several lots of land that have been acquired by the developer to meet the space requirements of the design plan. A combination plat allows the developer to take all the individual lots and combine them into a single tract of land. At Point to Point Land Surveyors, Inc., we have worked with various land development firms in producing combination plats.


Residential clients at times also need combination plats. For example, when an undeveloped land lot adjacent to a property owner’s lot is put up for sale. The property owner may wish to expand his existing tract by adding the parcel that is now available for purchase. However, rather than keeping the two land parcels separate, they may want to combine the two tracts of land. This is another instance when a combination plat would be needed.


A combination plat may be used for many things, and our professional land surveyors at Point to Point Land Surveyors, Inc. can provide you with the level of experience and expertise necessary to make sure your combination plat is produced on time and according to the agreed to budget. With offices in Georgia, North Carolina and Maryland, Point to Point Land Surveyors, Inc. is here to serve all your land surveying needs.