Telecommunication Land Surveys: 1A and 2C Certification Letters

1A and 2C certification letters are necessary for building cell towers. 1A and 2C certification letters, as specified in the guidelines of the the Federal Aviation Administration, are used whenever a new cell tower is being proposed for construction or when a height needs to be verified on an existing tower.

1A and 2C Certification Letters

Point to Point Land Surveyors, Inc. certifies the horizontal location and vertical elevation to the FAA’s precise standards. For a 1A certification letter the code tolerances are 20 feet horizontally and 3 ft vertically. A 2C certification letter has tolerances of 50 feet horizontally and 20 feet vertically.


1A or 2C certification letters are required on proposed cell tower sites in that they provide the proposed locations coordinates and ground elevation. However, when performing as-built surveys on cell towers, often a 1A or 2C certification letter is requested as a means of verification.


Certification letters only need to be registered with the FAA if they they are over 200 feet.


If you are in need of a 1A certification letter or a 2C certification letter contact Point to Point Land Surveyors, Inc. today.