Boundary Surveys

For the construction of any telecommunication/cell phone tower, a boundary survey is necessary to ensure the tower stays within the bounds of the land lease. Point to Point Land Surveyors, Inc. has conducted many such boundary surveys for the telecommunications industry, and our team has the experience, knowledge and skill to deliver accurate surveys that comply with local and state ordinances.

What Does A Telecommunications Boundary Entail?

A basic boundary survey is typically the first of several important surveys conducted when placing and building a cellular tower. The surveyor will combine research of prior land records with the use physical and GPS technologies to measure the physical boundaries of the land to be used for the tower, along with noting access points and easements. The surveyor will then set physical markers and stakes to set clear limits as to where the tower may be placed on the land.

The Importance Of Boundary Surveys For Cell Towers

There are many legal and logistical considerations in the construction of any cellular tower. First of all, most cell towers sit upon property that is leased from another owner, and it is important that the company remain within the terms of that lease. Secondly, there are local, state and FAA regulations involved in cell tower construction and placement. Boundary surveys serve as a critical first step in cellular tower placement to ensure that the company placing the tower not only complies with all regulatory agencies, but also complies with the boundary and easement provisions of the land lease. For these reasons, it’s imperative that a telecommunication boundary survey be conducted only by an experienced and licensed surveyor to ensure the measurements and boundaries are as accurate as possible.

With many years of proven experience in the area of telecommunications surveys, the experts at Point to Point Land Surveyors, Inc. have the skills and the dedication to excellence to provide boundary surveys that are accurate, timely and reliable. To discuss your needs or obtain a quote, contact us here or 866.706.9114.