For accurate, timely and affordable land surveys in Pennsylvania, Point to Point Land Surveyors offers the advantages of skill, expertise, experience and reliability. Our team of Pennsylvania land surveyors can perform accurate boundary surveys, construction staking, FEMA flood certification, ALTA land title surveys, subdivision platting and more, all guaranteed to be in compliance with local and state regulations and guidelines.

A Brief History Of Pennsylvania Land Surveying

Land surveying in this area dates back to colonial times, when William Penn was granted a royal charter in 1681 to establish a new colony called Pennsylvania. As Penn and his heirs began overseeing the settlement of the colony and expanding the boundaries through additional land purchases, land surveys became a necessary part of the process of accepting applications from settlers as well as dealing with the problem of “squatters” who had settled on land without paying for it. Further surveying was needed to clarify the borders of Pennsylvania in the 1700s when royal charters created some overlap between Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland. Thanks to extensive surveying by Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon, the now-famed “Mason Dixon Line” was established as Pennsylvania’s southern border with Maryland, which eventually marked the controversial division between “free” and “slave” states leading up to the Civil War. Another surveyor named Andrew Ellicott continued the work of Mason and Dixon, extending Pennsylvania’s southern boundary to its southwest corner, along with surveying the western border of what is now the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Land Surveying Today

In keeping with the legacy of these early surveyors, Pennsylvania today has an established code of rules for land surveying within the state, along with strict guidelines for the licensing of Pennsylvania land surveyors. Thanks to modern advances in technology, property lines can now be verified, re-drawn, consolidated and subdivided with a much greater level of accuracy than the more primitive forms of surveying in the early days, which often caused confusion.

Types Of Surveys Offered

As duly licensed surveyors in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Point to Point Land Surveyors can offer many different types of surveys in the state. With our many years of proven experience, we the expertise to make sure your Pennsylvania land surveying needs are met accurately, on time and within budget. For a free quote, call Point to Point Land Surveyors today at (866) 706-9114, or contact us here.