Cell Tower Title Reviews

Whenever a cellular tower sits on a piece of property that changes hands, it’s important to have a special title review performed in addition to the standard land surveys. Point to Point Land Surveyors, Inc. has many years of combined experience with cell tower title reviews and other telecommunications surveys, and we will deliver detailed, accurate results on time and within budget.

Why Cell Tower Title Reviews Are Necessary

The presence of a cellular tower on a piece of property creates a number of complexities when the land is bought or sold. Not only are there easements on the property that legally allow the company to access the tower, but the land lease will likely transfer to the new owner. This information should all be accurately detailed with the title and land records on file in government offices, but if inaccuracies or issues exist, this can create legal headaches down the road. With a cell tower title review, a licensed surveyor will meticulously inspect the location of the tower and the boundaries of the lease, comparing them carefully with land records to ensure that all is in order.

When Should A Cell Tower Title Review Be Performed

In addition to any other relevant surveys, a cell tower title review should be performed if:

  • You are buying or selling a piece of property with an existing cell tower upon it
  • You are a telecommunications company with a cell tower on a piece of land that is exchanging hands

To avoid complications later, it’s absolutely critical that cell tower title reviews be conducted with the highest levels of accuracy. With our years of experience in this space, Point to Point Land Surveyors, Inc. can deliver these levels of accuracy in an affordable and timely manner. To learn more or obtain a quote, contact us today.