Improvement Location Surveys

Improvement Location Surveys

If you have plans to build on your property or are considering a purchase of land with recent improvements, you’ll want to conduct an improvement location survey to ensure the improvements comply with local regulations and are within your property boundaries. The experts at Point to Point Land Surveyors, Inc. have many years of experience providing accurate improvement location surveys, working hard to make sure our clients are avoiding complications with their property improvements.

What An Improvement Location Survey Entails

An improvement location survey is a simple survey that identifies and locates on-site property improvements that have either been proposed or recently built. The surveyor will measure and locate the improvements on the property, comparing these with existing land records and prior surveys to determine what has changed. The surveyor will also take into account local and state regulations for property improvements and zoning requirements to ensure that the improvements do not violate any rules. If there are any issues with the proposed or existing improvements, the surveyor will point these out, and may also offer recommendations for coming into compliance.

Is This The Same As An Improvement Location Certificate?

The short answer is no. An improvement location certificate (ILC) is a document often requested by lenders or title companies prior to a purchase of property to assure them that there are likely no problems with improvements. While ILCs are less expensive than improvement location surveys, they are also far less accurate. They are not intended for the property owner, nor do they protect the property owner in any legal way. An improvement location survey is more thorough, provides more detail and gives the property owner assurance that there are no issues.

When Is An Improvement Location Survey Recommended?

You may want a surveyor to conduct an improvement location survey for any of the following reasons:

  • If you are considering a property purchase (especially if recent improvements have been made)
  • If a title company or lender requests it for additional assurance
  • If you are planning improvements on your property and need to be sure those improvements are in compliance with regulations (and do not encroach on your neighbor’s land)
  • To settle any dispute with neighbors or local authorities about your improvements
  • Any time you are uncertain about improvement locations on your property, or one you plan to buy

Due to the legal implications involved with making improvements, it’s important that improvement location surveys be conducted as accurately as possible, and only by a licensed surveyor. Point to Point Land Surveyors, Inc. brings to the table many years of combined experience, coupled with a track record for accuracy. To learn more, call us at (866) 706-9114, or contact us here.