Cell Tower ALTA Surveys

A cell tower ALTA survey is one of the most comprehensive land surveys available, providing accurate and detailed information regarding existing or proposed cell tower construction and placement. Point to Point Land Surveyors, Inc. offers many years of proven experience in providing these extensive surveys, delivering results that are highly accurate and reliable.

What Is Involved With An Alta Survey?

An ALTA land survey is performed and prepared according to the strict guidelines developed by the American Land Title Association (ALTA) and the American Congress of Surveying and Mapping (ACSM). It includes not only a thorough measurement and marking of boundaries, but also extensive details about topography, improvements, elevations and easements on the property, along with pertinent information about neighboring properties, etc. These surveys are frequently requested (and often required) with cell tower construction because the details they provide are highly useful in ensuring accuracy and avoiding legal complications. Here are just some of the details that may appear on a cell tower ALTA survey:

  • Boundaries and legal description of the property, including boundaries of the leased land where the tower is or will be built
  • Location and elevation of all structural improvements on the land (i.e., buildings, fences, walkways/roads, utilities and the tower itself.)
  • Location of water features and/or water boundaries
  • Zoning setbacks and public road access
  • Pertinent topographic information (e.g., trees, water features, drainage features)
  • Information on easements
  • Information on neighboring properties

If you are planning on building a cell tower, if you are planning to lease your land for a cell tower, or if there are any questions or concerns about an existing tower on your property, this survey provides a high level of detail designed to protect your interests. To learn more about cell tower ALTA surveys or to obtain a quote, call Point to Point Land Surveyors, Inc. at 866.706.9114, or contact us here