Easement Surveys

Easement Surveys

Before purchasing a home or a parcel of land, it’s important to be aware of any possible easements on the property that could affect its value and/or how you may use it. The experts at Point to Point Land Surveyors, Inc. have plenty of experience in conducting easement surveys with guaranteed accuracy and at affordable rates.

Understanding Easements

An easement essentially grants an entity the legal right to access or use a piece of land without having any ownership stake in the land. Perhaps the most common use of easements is for utility companies, whose infrastructure commonly includes pipes and wires that run underneath properties, and oil/gas companies who use pipelines to transport their products. In many cases, private individuals also request easements; for example, a property owner whose land has no direct roadway access may obtain an easement to place a driveway across a neighbor’s property. In some cases, a land owner may request an express easement right when selling his/her property in order to retain the use of the land even after selling it.

It’s important to know about any easements on your property because these can have an effect on the overall value of your land, as well as where and how you improve your property (e.g., you may not be able to build over land with pipes running underneath it due to an easement).

What Is Involved With Easement Surveys?

Unlike other types of land surveys which are concerned with boundaries, elevation and similar land features, easement surveys are more concerned with land rights, and with property features associated with those rights. Combining research of land records with a physical property inspection, a licensed surveyor will identify any existing easements associated with the land, along with any structures on the property that are present as a result of easements (for example, mapping out pipelines, roadways, wires and access points on the land).

When Is An Easement Survey Recommended?

You should consider having an easement survey performed in any of the following situations:

  • Before purchasing a piece of land (especially if current easement information is not readily available)
  • If you are in dispute with a neighbor or another entity regarding an easement and want to verify the easement rights
  • If you plan to challenge an easement or request to have an easement revoked
  • If a neighbor requests an easement on your property and you need to verify whether conflicting easements may exist

If you require an easement survey for any reason, Point to Point Land Surveyors, Inc. has the skill and expertise you can rely on to deliver accurate results. For more information on easement surveys or to obtain a quote, contact us today.