Construction Staking

Construction Staking

Before construction begins on any project, accurate construction staking is essential to prevent costly errors during the building process. Point to Point Land Surveyors, Inc. is highly experienced in providing reliable construction staking services to ensure that your building project proceeds according to plan.

What Is Construction Staking?

Sometimes also called a “site layout survey,” construction staking is essentially the act of creating a visual layout of the construction plans upon the property where the structures will be built. Referring to the construction plans, the surveyor will place stakes throughout the build site to mark the location and dimensions of each element and structure to be built. This includes not just building layouts, but also staking the locations of roads, concrete walkways, curbs, plumbing and drainage grades across the property. This visual staking enables the builders to locate each feature exactly where it is supposed to be placed on the site, keeping them compliant with the construction plans.

Why Construction Staking Is Important

When translating plans and blueprints to actual structures, accuracy is key to preventing costly mistakes. A commercial construction project involves many elements interacting together, and the misplacement of a wall or pipe by inches or even centimeters can have serious repercussions across the rest of the project, causing time delays and expensive corrections. Construction staking helps reduce the risk of error by enabling everyone involved with the physical construction to see exactly where each element must be placed.

It stands to reason that for a construction project to be completed according to specifications, construction staking must be performed with the highest possible levels of accuracy, and only by a licensed and experienced surveyor. With our many years of experience and proven track record, Point to Point Land Surveyors, Inc. can deliver the accurate results you need, on time and within budget. To learn more about our construction staking services, contact us today.

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