Foundation Location Surveys

If you are building on on a piece of land, it’s important to have a foundation location survey conducted by a licensed land surveyor once the foundation is laid. Point to Point Land Surveyors, Inc. has the knowledge and experience to provide these surveys as needed with guaranteed affordability and accuracy.

What Is A Foundation Location Survey?

Foundation location surveys are designed to locate improvements on a property with respect to the property boundary. This survey is not typically combined with a recorded boundary survey because boundary information should already have been recorded on the plat of subdivision. Rather, this survey collects information about the position of a foundation that was poured by a contractor to ensure that it is in the right location and that it is built with the proper setbacks and zoning methods. There are always rules and regulations to follow with regard to foundation placement, and a survey helps ensure that those rules have been met.

A professional land surveyor will typically be called out once the foundation has been poured and cured. The surveyor will take measurements, compare the measurements of the property to those of structure foundation, and make notes about size and location to be recorded in the property description on the deed. These results will also be filed with the relevant permitting agencies so that construction workers can continue with a project once the foundation is poured.

When Are Foundation Location Surveys Needed?

Foundation location surveys have become a common necessity with the increase in new construction. Many city and county agencies request these surveys, and even when they aren’t required, in many cases the banks and mortgage companies will want a licensed professional to certify that the house or building they are backing with a mortgage is in the clear with regard to zoning setbacks, building setbacks and existing easements. You may also need this type of survey if you are building an addition to an existing home or structure.

It is critical to make sure the foundation of your new structure is correctly placed for the simple fact that it’s much easier to fix a noncompliant foundation before anything has been built up on it. To learn more about obtaining an affordable and accurate foundation location survey for your building project, contact Point to Point Land Surveying today