Month: July 2016

Courthouse Deed Research

Courthouse deed research involves going to the courthouse to look up the deed to a property. This can be a notoriously frustrating process because old records can be hard to locate. It can take several hours to find some deeds. The older the records are, the harder they will usually be to find. Although fires

Land Surveying Educational Courses

In order to be a land surveyor, one must have a thorough background in the methods, technology, and reasons for land surveys. The requirements for such programs vary depending on the specific program. This educational coursework provides prospective land surveyors with the knowledge they’ll need to conduct a land survey. Programs available to land surveyors

Surveyor’s Creed And Canons

As a member of the National Society of Professional Land Surveyors (an American Congress on Surveying & Mapping member organization) and as a Professional Surveyor, I dedicate my professional knowledge and skills to the advancement and betterment of human welfare. I pledge: To give the utmost of performance; To participate in none but honest enterprise;

Monumental Land Surveys

A monumental land survey is a type of land survey dealing specifically with the boundaries of the property. All monumental land surveys use physical monuments to mark the boundaries on the land itself. Commonly, the corners of the property are marked with a long iron rod driven vertically into the ground, though there are many

Surveying And Vegetation

One of the challenges faced when using traditional land surveying methods is the necessity of surveying areas that are covered by thick vegetation. Some surveying projects require the measurement of such vegetation, while most applications require measurement of the terrain itself, rather than the vegetation covering this terrain. Topographic surveys may or may not require

Reasons To Survey Your Land

Although a land survey may seem tedious and unnecessary, in fact there are many cases in which you should have your land surveyed, to save confusion or legal troubles later. A land surveyor will research available documents concerning your land, including titles and previous surveys. He/she will also physically measure the property, checking these dimensions

Buying The Right Plot Of Land

Before buying any land for development, there are plenty of factors to consider. First, you’ll want to consider the general area. Is it urban, suburban, or rural? Is it in a community where you would like to build or live? Choosing a location largely depends on your commitments and personal preferences. These questions should be

The Different Types Of Land Surveys

While most people think of land surveys in the most basic sense—that is, the drawing of the boundaries of a property—there are actually many different ways of surveying that service many different industries. Property surveys are a large part of the business, but there are also surveys and surveyors that help the construction industry, the

When Do You Need an ALTA Survey?

When buying a piece of property, you might be asked by a lender or title company to have an ALTA survey conducted on the land. What does this mean, specifically, and when is it necessary to have an ALTA survey performed? An ALTA Survey is a detailed survey performed by a registered licensed surveyor, prepared