Buying The Right Plot Of Land

Before buying any land for development, there are plenty of factors to consider. First, you’ll want to consider the general area. Is it urban, suburban, or rural? Is it in a community where you would like to build or live? Choosing a location largely depends on your commitments and personal preferences. These questions should be

The Different Types Of Land Surveys

While most people think of land surveys in the most basic sense—that is, the drawing of the boundaries of a property—there are actually many different ways of surveying that service many different industries. Property surveys are a large part of the business, but there are also surveys and surveyors that help the construction industry, the

When Do You Need an ALTA Survey?

When buying a piece of property, you might be asked by a lender or title company to have an ALTA survey conducted on the land. What does this mean, specifically, and when is it necessary to have an ALTA survey performed? An ALTA Survey is a detailed survey performed by a registered licensed surveyor, prepared

Telecommunication Land Surveys: 1A and 2C Certification Letters

1A and 2C certification letters are necessary for building cell towers. 1A and 2C certification letters, as specified in the guidelines of the the Federal Aviation Administration, are used whenever a new cell tower is being proposed for construction or when a height needs to be verified on an existing tower.     Point to

Types of Land Surveys: When is subdivision plat necessary?

When a person or business owns a large tract of land and they plan to divide this land into several smaller plots, this is when a registered land surveyor will need to prepare a subdivision plat. This type of land survey is especially common in housing development projects. When an individual property owner sells a

Tree Location Surveys: What is a tree survey?

At Point to Point Land Surveyors, Inc., our tree location survey services provide clarity in regards to specific type and size of the trees on a given parcel of land. Whether you are needing a tree survey in order to be compliant with a county tree ordinance or are simply wanting to map out the

Combination Plats: What is a Combination Plat?

A combination plat is a type of plat that combines two or more recorded lots. A simple example would be when a registered land surveyor takes two existing parcels of land and combines them into one single land parcel. The combination plat shows what has been combined for recording purposes. One instance where a combination

Underground Utility Locating with Electromagnetic Locators

At Point to Point Land Surveyors, Inc., one of the tools we use in locating underground utilities is an electromagnetic locator. The electromagnetic locator our utility location technicians use is the RD7000+ by RadioDetection. The RD7000+ delivers  fast, accurate, reliable & repeatable locate information for all utilities.   Locating specific pipes and cables in large

When Do I Need A Land Survey?

There are many instances when a person may need a land survey performed on their property. This applies for both commercial and residential property owners. Professional land surveyors have the expertise necessary to perform certain services that might be required for your survey. Things like the location of flood zones existing on the property, property

The Modern Day Land Surveyor – Land Surveying Trends and Technology

  In the modern world of land surveying, things are always changing. From continuing education requirements to new, complex technologies, a land surveyor must stay current in order to compete in this evolving industry. The way various land surveys are performed today verses just 20 to 30 years ago has changed significantly.   Continuing education